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Flat Fee Computer and Technical Services, Hilton Head Flat Fee Technical Services

You found Hilton Head's best IT service provider of virus removal, malware removal, new computer systems setup and optimization, laptop LCD replacements and overall technical services company.

HHI Computer Guys

In Hilton Head and Bluffton we are your go to guys for all your computer and tech needs. Below you will find our fixed fee services such as PC Tune up, virus removal, mallware removal . We actually remove the virus not just the symptom of the virus or malware. For new computers we can set them up optimally by removing bloatware, make sure your system is up to date without conflicts and install the best and most cost-effective antivirus and antimalware available to keep you running as long and as fast as possible.

Like our service you will be happy about our prices too. Our fixed fee prices for our computer services target most common computer problems. This way you know your costs up-front with no surprises. If it takes longer than expected its at no additional cost to you. We will just chalk it up to education and getting better at what we do.

Other Services

 Virus and Malware Removal: $179.99

Virus and Malware removal is not a trivial job, many can remove symptoms of malware and viruses but we take many extra steps to ensure that the malware or virus has been eradicated. This takes several hours (6-8 and sometimes more) to complete the job correctly. We have been in this business for over 20 years and know how to hunt down and eradicate the nasties. Once your clean you should use antivirus and malware protection and should keep up with operating system, and software updates to help thwart malware and viruses from occurring in the first place. Call us to find out the best and most cost effective solution if your not currently protected. We are happy to help out.

  • Troubleshoot
  • Remove not just disable... viruses, malware, spyware and rootkits
  • Services for 1 computer
  • Clean registry
  • Clean Unnecessary Files
  • Make sure windows updates are current
  • Suggest data backup solution
  • Suggest preventative measures

  • Plus
  • Make sure Windows Updates are current, Update programs such as Adobe Reader, MS Office, FireFox and Antivirus
  • Install Free Antivirus (We recommend Avast! FREE antivirus)
  • Install Free Malware Protection and Scan for Malware (but recommend Malwarebytes Premium)
 Computer Tune up and Cleanup - With Updates: $79.99
  • Clean Registry
  • Clean unnecessary files
  • Evaluate Startup Programs and Files
  • Review software that may slow down the computer
  • Remove Unwanted Software
  1. Plus
  • Make sure Windows Updates are current, Update programs such as Adobe Reader, MS Office, FireFox and Antivirus
  • Install Free Antivirus
  • Install Malware Protection and Scan for Malware
 Computer Setup: $129.99
  • Setup PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers
  • Organize wires and cables
  • Install one peripheral (eg. printer, ext hard-drive)
  • Configure computer to access Internet
  • Make sure windows updates are current
  • Configure Email
 Hardware Installation: $49.99
  • Install internal or external device
  • graphics card, hard drive, dvd, CD-ROM,
  • network card, printer or scanner
  • Install included software required for hardware functionality
  • *Additional cost for major components
  • such as motherboards and power supplies or All In One units
 Software Installation: $39.99
  • Review software compatibility
  • Install/repair and configure software
  • Create start menu/desktop/quick launch shortcuts
  • Software not included
  • Additional software $29.99
 Wireless Network Setup: $39.99
  • Setup, configure and secure router
  • Configure Internet
  • Install and configure network adapter up to 2 computers
  • Enable computers to share, files and printers
  • Secure Network
  • Additional devices/computers $39
 Data File Document Recovery: $85 - $250
  • Recover deleted files and documents
  • Hard drive or Memory Stick must be working
  • We remove hard drive, recover data and re-install the hard drive
  • We will recover files if at all possible
  • Two levels of Data Recovery methods can be used, one is relatively quick within 1hr, the other is more labor intensive which could take more than 4 hours. We have successfully recovered data on systems where a complete Windows system restore had inadvertently been run.

What to do: If you realize you have deleted a file you need back Shut Down computer immediately to avoid any new information to be written to the data storage device. This lessons the possibility of the "now available" space to be overwritten.

 Laptop LCD Replacement: Avg $200.00
  • The average cost for us to replace a LCD in a PC laptop is about $200.00
  • Apple products are a little more because the parts are more expensive
  • If your in a rush we can usually get it done in 2 days with express shipping of parts
  • Call us today with your laptop make and model and we can provide a quote
 New System Optimization & Virus/Malware Protection $129.99
  • Removal of Unnecessary Programs and Software
  • System Formatted and re-loaded with original operating system
  • Installation of Free Anti-virus application
  • Installation of Free Malware protection application
  • Installation of printers
  • Installation of additional customer provided or downloadable software programs ($10/each)
 New System Optimization - Virus/Malware Protection - Data Transfer From Old System to NEW - $199.00
  • Removal of Unnecessary Apps, Programs and Software
  • Installation and configuration of Free Anti-virus application
  • Installation of Free Malware protection application
  • Installation of printers
  • Transfer data from old system to new system
  • Install all windows updates
  • Installation of start button application for Windows 7 like user interface for business productivity
  • Installation of latest Adobe and Java programs

We Recommend Malwarebytes Pro or Premium for Anti malware Protection

NEED Multiple Services? Call us we may be able to offer a better price!